Monographs of the Archaeological
Society of Finland

Monographs of the Archaeological Society of Finland (MASF) is an international peer-reviewed web publication series that offers a publication forum for monographs and edited collections of papers with a Finnish connection and worldwide relevance. The series considers proposals mainly in English and expects a print ready (pdf) manuscript that can be published in a hard-copy if external funding can be provided by the authoring/editing party of the volume. Monographs and edited collections of papers published in MASF adhere to the requirements imposed on the peer-review process by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and employ their peer-review label.

Monographs of the Archaeological Society of Finland

Mesolithic Interfaces: Variability in Lithic Technologies in Eastern Fennoscandia
MASF 2 Proceedings of the XII NTAG.
MASF 3 Focus on Archaeological Textiles: Multidisclipinary Approaches
MASF 4 Manninen, M. A., 2014. Culture, Behavior, and the 8200 cal BP Cold Event
MASF 5 Äikäs, T., 2015. From Boulders to Fells – Sacred Places in the Sámi Ritual Landscape
MASF 6 Landscapes of the Past and Future: Current Finnish Research in Landscape Archaeology
MASF 7 Helsinki Harvest: Proceedings of the 11th Nordic Conference on the Application of Scientific Methods in Archaeology
MASF 8 Entangled beliefs and rituals: religion in Finland and Sápmi from Stone Age to contemporary times
MASF 9 Currents of Saami pasts: Recent advances in Saami archaeology
MASF 10 Oodeja Mikalle - Odes to Mika - Оды Мике: Festschrift for Professor Mika Lavento on the occasion of his 60th birthday
MASF 11 Moving Northward: Professor Volker Heyd's Festschrift as he turns 60
MASF 12 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Research of North and Central European Archaeological Textiles

The publications are protected by copyright law. Reading and printing for personal use are allowed, commercial use is forbidden.


Associate Professor Anna-Kaisa Salmi, University of Oulu

Editorial board

Professor Joakim Goldhahn, University of Western Australia
Professor Alessandro Guidi, Roma Tre University
Professor Volker Heyd, University of Helsinki
Professor Aivar Kriiska, University of Tartu
Associate Professor Helen Lewis, University College Dublin
Professor (emeritus) Milton Nunez, University of Oulu
Researcher Carl-Gösta Ojala, Uppsala University
Researcher Eve Rannamäe, University of Tartu
Adjunct Professor Liisa Seppänen, University of Turku and University of Helsinki
Associate Professor Marte Spangen, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

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