Sounds Like Theory:
XII Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group Meeting in Oulu 25.-28.4.2012

Foreword & Contributors (pdf: 2,6 MB)
Anna-Kaisa Salmi, Tiina Äikäs & Janne Ikäheimo
Things in Action – Interpreting the Meanings of Things in Archaeology (pdf: 875 KB)
Marko Marila
Nålbinding in Prehistoric Burials – Reinterpreting Finnish 11th–14th-century AD Textile Fragments (pdf: 3,7 MB)
Krista Vajanto
The Belt in Prehistoric Central Tyrrhenian Italy (pdf: 5,8 MB)
Sanna Lipkin
Pain in the Past – Dental Pathology and Pain in the Parish of Ii (Northern Finland) in the 15th and 16th centuries (pdf: 3,0 MB)
Anna-Kaisa Salmi & Rosa Vilkama
Classification of Sound, Sound Tools, and Soundscapes (pdf: 2,6 MB)
Gjerdmund Kolltveit
Bird Calls from a Middle Neolithic Burial at Ajvide, Gotland? Interpreting Tubular Bird Bone Artefacts by Means of Use-wear and Sound Analysis, and Ethnographic Analogy (pdf: 6,0 MB)
Riitta Rainio & Kristiina Mannermaa
On the Sound Related to Painted Caves and Rocks (pdf: 3,0 MB)
Iegor Reznikoff
The Ever-New Then – On the Materialisation of Historic Sound Forms (pdf: 3,5 MB)
Jeff Benjamin
Defining Edges and Districts – Ceramiscene in the Territory of Nepi (VT, Lazio, Italy) (pdf: 10,9 MB)
Ulla Rajala & Philip Mills
Patrons and Clients in Roman Pompeii – Social Control in the Cityscape and City Blocks? (pdf: 3,0 MB)
Eeva-Maria Viitanen & Heini Ynnilä
Life on the Edge – Identity and Interaction in the Land of Ulúa and the Maya World (pdf: 9,6 MB)
Kathryn Marie Hudson & John S. Henderson
East and West, North and South in Sápmi – Networks and Boundaries in Sámi Archaeology in Sweden (pdf: 693 KB)
Carl-Gösta Ojala
Archaeological Grey Reports – Current Issues and Their Potential for the Future (pdf: 497 KB)
Teija Oikarinen

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