Interdisciplinary Approaches to Research of North and Central European Archaeological Textiles:
The Proceedings of the North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles (23rd-26th August 2021 in Oulu)

Table of Contents and Preface
Sanna Lipkin, Erika Ruhl, Krista Wright (Editors)
Early Textile Production
Textile impression on Trypillia culture pottery
Weronika Skrzyniecka
Basketry rediscovered: Technological analysis and classification of the Neolithic basketry impressions from the Polish Lowland
Monika Kaczmarek
Textile Lacunae: Prehistoric Ireland as a Test Case
Clare Privilege
Reconstruction Projects
Picking up the threads: Reconstruction of the 1600-year-old tapestry from Poprad-Matejovce based on new analyses of colours, fibres, and motives
Tereza Štolcová, Juraj Zajonc and Ina Vanden Berghe
Recreation of the medieval intarsia textile from Masku church, Finland
Krista Wright, Mervi Pasanen and Elina Sojonen
Fashioning the Viking Age: 2018 to 2023
Ulla Mannering, Ida Demant, Charlotte Rimstad and Eva Andersson Strand
Fibre, dyes, seams and bands: Grave 41/2016 and the Ravattula costume reconstruction
Jaana Riikonen, Heini Kirjavainen, Maikki Karisto and Juha Ruohonen
The use of two or three giant loom weights: A solution through a loom construction experiment and test in weaving
Lorena Ariis
Oseberg 18C geometric patterned fragments: How were they woven? Are there any close parallels?
Marie Wallenberg
Brocaded tablet-woven bands from Viking Age boat graves in Valsgärde, Sweden: Different techniques, similar appearance
Karolina Pallin
Narrow bands and looped-pile tablet-woven band from an Early Modern insdustrial context in Austria
Katrin Kania and Beatrix Nutz
Late medieval fabrics
Searching for mastery in dyeing: Blackish blue on Estonian and Finnish textile finds from the 11th-15th centuries
Riina Rammo, Krista Wright and Mervi Pasanen
Colours in medieval seal bags versus archaeological textiles from Swedish cities
Amica Sundström and Maria Neijman
Headdresses of 15th century Moscow: Archaeological and historical evidence
Nina A. Pavlova
Early modern seafaring textiles
Textiles and cordage from the seventeenth century English shipwreck of the London
Margareta Gleba, Angela Middleton and Ina Vanden Berghe
Textile and leather finds from the Swedish warship Vasa: A research program on common people's clothing from the early 17th-century
Anna Silwerulv, Fred Hocker, Josefin Lindegren and Cecilia Aneer
Excavated 17th and 18th century whaler's clothing from Spitsbergen (Svalbard)
Sandra Y. Comis
Burial and religious clothing
Textiles from the Tomb of St. Wenceslaus at Prague Castle (Czech Republic)
Milena Bravermanová, Helena Brezinová and Jana Bures Víchová
Re-purposed and Re-made: Exploring textile performance characteristics in pre-modern Finnish burials
Erika Ruhl
Illegal burial accessories? Bobbin lace from Postmedieval Northern Ostrobothnian church burials
Sanna Lipkin
Two Swedish Late Modern Period fetal burial shrouds
Elizabeth E. Peacock, Stina Tegnhed and Emma Maltin
Preserved textiles from the cesspit in Plasy convent and remains of liturgical textile
Veronica Pilná
Burial and religious clothing
Research on waterlogged archaeological textiles preserved in the so called singer's burial (AD580) from Trossingen cemetery, Germany
Tracy Niepold
My experiments with cross-sectioning textile fibres
Jenni A. Suomela
Speed dating or slow dating: Interdisciplinary analysis of knitted and other non-woven textiles
Jane Malcolm-Davies
Textiles burning: Understanding charred textiles from cremation graves through experimental charring
Karina Grömer, Margarita Gleba and Sophie Van Horne
Halstatt Period Textiles from Slovenian burials: Methods and Analyses of Artefacts from Old Excvations
Ronja Lau
The Textile Archive of Hans-Jürgen Hundt in the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz
Petra Lindscheid

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