Entangled beliefs and rituals: religion in Finland and Sápmi from Stone Age to contemporary times

Tiina Äikäs, Sanna Lipkin & Marja Ahola
Ancestors and additional bones: Mixing of burial traditions in Late Iron Age Finland
Hanna Puolakka
Atypical burials and variations in burial customs in the church of Renko, Finland
Ulla Moilanen & Markus Hiekkanen
The clothed dead body in Northern Ostrobothnian Finland between the 17th and mid-19th centuries
Sanna Lipkin
A bottle of spirits for Saint Peter? Grave goods in Finland during the modern period
Sanna Ritari-Kallio
Turkansaari chapel and the material linkage of religious and socio-economic activities in the Oulu region in the 17th century
Mirette Modarress
Archaeological and lexical perspectives on indigenous South Saami religion
Minerva Piha
Heritage of past and present: Cultural processes of heritage-making at the ritual sites of Taatsi and Jönsas
Marja Ahola & Tiina Äikäs
Vital scrap: The agency of objects and materials in the Finnish 19th-century world view
Sonja Hukantaival
From professional educator to labour movement agitator: The Devil’s role in an industrial context
Noora Hemminki
The haunting and blessing of Kankiniemi: Coping with the ghosts of the Second World War in northernmost Finland (Photo essay)
Vesa-Pekka Herva & Oula Seitsonen
The rescue excavation and reburial of late pet animals as explorative archaeological autoethnography
Janne Ikäheimo
Entangled rituals: Death, place, and archaeological practice (Discussion)
Howard Williams
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