Fennoscandia archaeologica XXXIII (2016)


Therese Ekholm
Mesolithic Settlement in Northernmost Sweden: Economy, Technology, Chronology

Anja Mansrud & Carine Eymundsson
Socialized Landscapes? Lithic Clusters, Hearths and Relocation Rituals at Middle Mesolithic Sites in Eastern Norway

Mirva Pääkkönen, Auli Bläuer, Richard P. Evershed & Henrik Asplund
Reconstructing food procurement and processing in Early Comb Ware period through organic residues in Early Comb and Jäkärlä Ware pottery

Ekaterina N. Dubovtseva
The Use of Cord in Ornamentation of Neolithic Pottery in the North of Western Siberia

Marja Ahola, Kati Salo & Kristiina Mannermaa
Almost Gone: Human Skeletal Material from Finnish Stone Age Earth Graves

Astrid J. Nyland
New Technology in an Existing ‘Lithic Landscape’ – Southern Norway: A Melting Pot in the Late Neolithic and Bronze Age

Gørill Nilsen
The Use of Marine Mammal Blubber: Parameters for Defining Fat-Rendering Structures

Jussi Moisio
Like a Needle in a Bonestack: Osteological Analysis of the Early Roman Period Cremation Graves from the Aittamäki Cemetery in Lieto, South-Western Finland

Auli Bläuer, Laura Arppe, Marianna Niemi, Markku Oinonen, Kerstin Lidén, Jussi-Pekka Taavitsainen & Juha Kantanen
Inferring Prehistorical and Historical Feeding Practices from δ15N and δ13C Isotope Analysis on Finnish Archaeological Domesticated Ruminant Bones and Teeth

Timo Salminen
In Search of a Nordic Idea? The First Five Nordic Meetings of Archaeologists 1916–27


Bjørnar J. Olsen
Sámi Archaeology, Postcolonial Theory, and Criticism

Notes and news

Kerkko Nordqvist & Teemu Mökkönen
A Stone Age Strainer from the Northern Boreal Zone: A Find from Pegrema I (Karelian Republic)

Tiina Väre, Nora Nurminen, Jaakko Niinimäki, Juho-Antti Junno & Markku Niskanen
Harris Lines in the Late medieval to Early Modern Skeletal Material from the Oulu Cathedral and Iin Hamina Churchyard sites

Book reviews

Georg Haggrén, Petri Halinen, Mika Lavento, Sami Raninen & Anna Wessman:
Muinaisuutemme jäljet: Suomen esi- ja varhaishistoria kivikaudelta keskiajalle.
Reviewed by Teemu Mökkönen, Kerkko Nordqvist & Ville Laakso.

Lars-Ivar Hansen & Bjørnar Olsen:
Hunters in Transition: An Outline of Early Sámi History.
Reviewed by Eero Muurimäki.

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